Why Christians Support Israel

Why Christians Support Israel

Recently we asked thousands of Christians why they support MAGEN DAVID ADOM. Here are just a few of their responses:

“Israel is God’s chosen land and He said whoever blesses Israel, He would bless them. I just want to help them in their needs and bless them in God’s name.”
— Carol in Alaska

“Saving the lives of Israelis is reason enough. There’s so much prejudice against Israel, and MAGEN DAVID ADOM helps everyone without discrimination.”
— Glenn in North Carolina

“I have a love for God’s chosen people Israel. I think what MAGEN DAVID ADOM is doing is AWESOME and they really care. God tells us in His Word to pray for Israel.”
— Stephanie in Georgia

“They are doing a very necessary job very well!!!”
— Joy in South Carolina

“They are performing such an incredible work that is so drastically needed in that area. Just wish I could do more for them.”
— Patricia in California

“They save lots of Israeli lives.”
— Carl in New Jersey

“I work in a hospital and know firsthand how very important the fire and ambulance services truly are. I thank them often for their great service to our community.”
— Rena in Massachusetts

“Because of the need to protect Israel, God’s children and chosen people. They need all the support they can get.”
— Donovan in Washington

“I firmly believe that Israel has God’s favor. That said, we Christians have a duty to help however we can.”
— Linda in Virginia

— Larry in Arizona

The support of Christians is not only encouraging to the people of Israel, it is lifesaving.

Thank you for all that you do. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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