About Us

Israel’s national ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization — MAGEN DAVID ADOM — handles some 8 million calls a year and collects and processes 270,000 units of blood. Most of the 30,000 heroic men and women who serve in this volatile corner of the world are volunteers — and all too often they find themselves putting their own lives at risk to help others in critical need.

Because of the wars and repeated terrorist attacks against Israel, Magen David Adom has emerged as a world leader in emergency medical services and is the most experienced mass-casualty response organization on the planet.

So when there is any sort of emergency — a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an automobile accident, a heart attack, a child falling in a playground, or a woman unexpectedly going into labor — the 9.2 million people living in Israel depend on the dedicated men and women of Magen David Adom to be on the scene quickly, knowing they will care for the injured and save precious lives.

Magen David Adom (which is Hebrew for “Red Star of David”) has been officially mandated by the State of Israel to provide ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief — but Magen David Adom’s operational activities are not funded by the Israeli government. Like the Red Cross and similar organizations, Magen David Adom is supported by private donations.

When you join forces with Magen David Adom, you are standing on the front line of emergency medical care with Israel’s heroic first responders — and you are helping to save lives!

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