When you become a Friend for Life partner with a monthly gift, you are demonstrating your support for the people and nation of Israel in the clearest, most compassionate, most tangible way possible. You are showing your love and concern for their well-being by literally saving their lives.

As a monthly partner with AFMDA, you are entering into the powerful covenant of blessing that God established with Israel (Genesis 12:3). You are literally saving lives by ensuring that Israel’s EMTs and paramedics have the ambulances, the medical and safety equipment, the necessary supplies, advanced training, and the blood they need to save lives.

You determine how many lives you save by selecting your monthly giving level:

Guardian level ‑ $35 per month
by saving 1 life each month, you save 12 lives per year

Defender level ‑ $100 per month
by saving 3 lives a month, you save 36 lives per year

Hero level ‑ $300 per month
by saving 9 lives each month, you save 108 lives per year

“I will bless those who bless you . . .
and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

– Genesis 12:3 NIV