The Zookeeper’s Miracle

The Zookeeper’s Miracle

Amir Bendel, a zookeeper near Tel Aviv, was recently in the midst of conducting a routine check of the kangaroo yard when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest and collapsed to the ground.

Amir works as a caretaker in the monkey department as well as being the park’s safari train engineer.

Another zookeeper was with Amir in the kangaroo yard and he immediately called both MAGEN DAVID ADOM and Doron Tam, the Operations Manager at the park.

Fortunately, Doron has served as a volunteer senior EMT with MAGEN DAVID ADOM for the past eight years. He immediately grabbed one of the two defibrillators installed at the Safari Park and rushed to the scene with another employee.

“When we arrived at the compound, we saw Amir on the ground unresponsive,” Doron recalls. “We began CPR and connected the AED, which provided two electrical shocks.

Following the second shock, he began to breathe again. We provided him with oxygen, and at the same time a MAGEN DAVID ADOM Medicycle first responder and an ambulance arrived and continued medical treatment. Amir was evacuated in stable condition to the hospital for further treatment.”

This was the first time Doron had performed CPR in the Safari Park. It was his MAGEN DAVID ADOM training that had initially encouraged him as the park’s Operations Manager to have the defibrillators installed at each end of the park.

A few weeks later Amir stopped by the Safari Park for a short but emotional visit. He is very thankful for his coworkers who saved his life.

“We are eager to see him return to work,” Doron said, “and make a full recovery.”

As Amir concluded his visit to the Safari Park, he paused to express his gratitude once again. “I thank everyone who helped and was a part of my return to life.”

Amir may not know your name, but he was also thanking you! You helped save his life.

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