Three Modern-Day Heroes

Three Modern-Day Heroes

There are people in Israel today who thank God for you. They don’t know you, but you have helped save their lives.

Here are three stories of how your generous support has enabled first responders, Israel’s modern-day heroes, to save thankful men, women, and children in the most urgent of circumstances.

Erez Geller was on duty at the MAGEN DAVID ADOM dispatch center for the Carmel Region when a massive volley of Hezbollah rockets struck Haifa. It was a day he says that will stay forever in his mind. There were broken bodies scattered everywhere when he arrived. People were screaming around him as sirens wailed and missiles slammed into nearby buildings. Eight people died in that attack, but the three teams of paramedics that Erez led were able to care for dozens of seriously injured people that day, saving many of their lives.

Maya Aloni was on dispatch duty when a call came in from Meital Shiri, who was 34 weeks pregnant and home alone when she unexpectedly went into labor. Meital was carrying twins and had given birth to the first baby before she was able to telephone MAGEN DAVID ADOM.

A trained paramedic, Maya immediately began comforting Meital as she dispatched an ambulance, and then gave her simple directions for handling her newborn and preparing for the arrival of the second baby. “My role,” Maya said, “was to keep the mother calm, reassure her, and be supportive until the ambulance arrived.” Meital’s husband, Ilan, got home a few minutes later, followed by the ambulance. After the paramedics delivered the second baby, the new mother and twins were transported to the hospital, where the preemies were placed gently in incubators.

Rivka Or was among the first to arrive on the scene when a Palestinian terrorist burst into the home of the Salomon family during their Shabbat dinner. He attacked them and stabbed several family members. Three died, but Rivka was able to treat Tova Salomon, the family matriarch, who survived her injuries. “When you enter a scene like that, you hope and pray you’ll be able to save the patients.” Rivka said. “That’s why you do everything you can.”

Rivka was also first on the scene a few months later when a security guard was brutally stabbed at Jerusalem’s central bus station. Officials at Shaare Zedek Medical Center credit MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s rapid response with saving 25-year-old Asher Elmaliach’s life. “When I arrived at the scene and saw the patient’s condition, I understood that the most important thing was to get him to the operating room,” Rivka said. “Within nine minutes of the stabbing we were already in the hospital.”

Your generous support of MAGEN DAVID ADOM means that dedicated men and women like Erez, Maya, and Rivka will have the resources they need to save lives every day in Israel. This is their calling, their passion — and they are deeply grateful for friends like you. And you already know that the people of Israel thank God for you.

Thank you for blessing Israel!