She Collapsed Before Giving Her Address

She Collapsed Before Giving Her Address

Hagar Cain, 37, was home alone when she began to suffer from an acute and life-threatening asthma attack.

Almost unable to speak and barely breathing, she dialed MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s 101 hotline.

In great distress and nearly breathless, Hagar was able to provide the name of her kibbutz — but not her address.

Less than a minute later, a Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulance rolled into Kibbutz Nahsholim — a community with more than 700 residents — and a harrowing search ensued to find Hagar before it was too late.

“I answered the phone at the call center and heard a woman speaking in a choked voice and in great distress,” recalls Ronit Galula, the EMT dispatcher.

“I could actually hear her last breaths before she collapsed; it was a very nerve-wracking and worrying moment. I knew I wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t hang up until I heard the MAGEN DAVID ADOM people on the other end of the line. It took a long time to find the house because she couldn’t provide us with an address.”

Since paramedics Avi Cohen and Michal Skorsky and EMT Talia Sadeh did not have her name or address, they immediately spread out to begin a frantic search. Due to the commotion and thanks to the awareness of several other residents, they identified Hagar as the likely patient, and when no one answered the door, they broke into her house.

The medics found Hagar unconscious, without a pulse, lying on the bedroom floor. Cohen and Skorsky immediately performed intensive resuscitation and after a few minutes managed to restore her pulse. They loaded her on the ambulance and rushed her to the hospital where she arrived in serious but stable condition — anesthetized, on a ventilator, but still alive.

A few days later, Hagar was strong enough to meet with the MAGEN DAVID ADOM medics who saved her life and express her gratitude. “I want to say a huge thank you to the MAGEN DAVID ADOM team, to the angels in white, who fought for my life and did everything to save me. Thanks to them I live today.”