Paramedics Save the (Wedding) Day!

Paramedics Save the (Wedding) Day!

Saving Lives in Israel

With just an hour and a half to go before her son’s wedding, Vivian dislocated her shoulder trying to open a car door.

Fortunately for the happy couple and their families, MAGEN DAVID ADOM came to the rescue!

When Senior EMT Eran Neve and team arrived, they found Vivian in a great deal of pain. “When I approached her, I told her we would make sure to get her to the wedding,” said Eran.

But they knew they had to beat the clock to get her to this important event on time.

They quickly transported Vivian to the nearby medical clinic, calling ahead to explain the situation to the doctors and requesting that this patient be treated as quickly as possible.

The MAGEN DAVID ADOM team waited until Vivian’s shoulder was put back into place and she received pain medication — and then raced to the wedding hall. They walked her down the aisle in the stretcher turned wheelchair just before the wedding was about to begin.

Naturally, the young couple, their families and all their guests were overjoyed to see the mother of the groom arrive in time for the celebration! The family even asked the MAGEN DAVID ADOM team to join them in the photos!

Later Senior EMT Eran Neve reflected, “It brought us a great sense of satisfaction to know that we could keep our promise to Vivian, ensuring that she could stand with her son as he got married.”

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