A Doctor at 5 Years Old!

A Doctor at 5 Years Old!

Saving Lives in Israel

Maya is five and a half years old and lives in Even Yehuda, Israel. She is currently recovering from a serious illness.

During her treatment, Maya met many friendly MAGEN DAVID ADOM team members, doctors, and hospital staff members — and she announced that it was her dream to one day join MAGEN DAVID ADOM as a doctor on the ambulance!

Using the Wish Ambulance, MAGEN DAVID ADOM was able to help make little Maya’s dream come true — and she became a doctor for a day!

When the ambulance arrived at her home, an excited Maya jumped onto the vehicle, received her white coat and a name tag, and underwent some rapid medical training!

Just moments later, the first call was received on the radio — and Dr. Maya and her team were dispatched to help someone in the streets of her hometown. After they handled a few other calls, Dr. Maya had another surprise. The children from her kindergarten (whom she has not seen for some time due to her illness) were waiting for her at a nearby ice cream store with gifts, some pizzas — and a lot of love!

Maya is an amazing child who brought us great joy. The experience was one
of a kind, even for us, and brought us a great sense of achievement and optimism. Maya is full of the joys of life, of love, and is always looking
to see how she can help, despite her young age.

It touched all of our hearts, and we wish her good health. We’d like to invite her,
in a few years’ time, to join us and come and save lives with

Orianne Lucatz

Thank you for helping make this possible!