CPR Saves a Newborn

CPR Saves a Newborn

Saving Lives in Israel

When Avishai Cohen was ready to be born, nothing would stop him. Not long ago he came into this world regardless of the fact that he was only six months into his gestation.

When Avishai started coming fast — really fast — his parents quickly called MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s 101 emergency hotline from their home. The emergency medical technician on the other end of the line dispatched a Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulance to the scene while simultaneously instructing the couple on how to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

When paramedic Ofir Peretz and EMT Yiftach Hershtig arrived just minutes later, the baby was already out and crying—a sign that things were well and that the baby was breathing. But at three months premature, the baby didn’t have a fully developed neural system and things went downhill rapidly. The baby soon went quiet and lapsed into unconsciousness.

While the parents watched in terror as the medics performed CPR to restore the baby’s pulse and respiration, the baby’s father asked Ofir if the baby would survive. The paramedic nodded confidently.

“You’ll be inviting me to the brit,” he said.

After many minutes and the application of multiple lifesaving measures, the baby’s pulse was restored and Ofir and Yiftach whisked the whole family onto the ambulance and rushed them to the hospital.

Several months later, when the time came for Avishai’s brit milah (his ritual circumcision), Ofir and Yiftach were indeed there.

“When Ofir and Yiftach entered the hall, I was very excited to see them,” the baby’s father said, “God sent them four months ago to be his apostles and today I have the privilege to thank them.”

“I promised his dad that he would invite us to the brit, and I was excited to receive the invitation,” Ofir said. “It was great to see the baby safe and sound.”

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