Great Medical Capabilities + Huge Soul

Great Medical Capabilities + Huge Soul

Saving Lives in Israel

Since Victoria Leshiner, a Jewish woman in Donetsk, Ukraine, had lived in Israel 20 years ago, when the war in Ukraine began to heat up, she escaped to Israel with two children.

I immigrated to Israel in mid-March, after the fighting reached the area of our home in Ukraine,” says Victoria. “I immediately looked for a job where I could help refugees and finance my stay here.”

MAGEN DAVID ADOM offered her a position at the Refugee Call Center, which helps Ukrainian refugees locate missing relatives, obtain medical assistance, and navigate social services and governmental agencies.

Beyond MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s great medical capabilities,” Victoria says, “they have a huge soul. My work here has great significance for me.

“Those who were not there can’t understand the magnitude of the disaster in Ukraine — people are homeless, without water, food, or medicine. Children see bodies on the street and the planes continue to bomb.

Thank God there is the State of Israel, which helps Ukraine and sends a long-distance hug. I wish that peace will return to Ukraine and that calmer and more peaceful times will come.”

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