A 6-year-old’s Dream Fulfilled

A 6-year-old’s Dream Fulfilled

In addition to helping save lives, ambulances in Israel do all kinds of things to make a difference.

On a recent Sunday, MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s, “Wish Ambulance” program fulfilled the dream of Adam Janko, a 6-year-old Israeli boy undergoing treatment for brain cancer — his wish was to be a MAGEN DAVID ADOM EMT for the day.

“Adam fell ill several months ago, underwent two head surgeries and radiation treatment in Austria,” said Adam’s mother.

As part of his special day, Adam toured MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s National Operations Center, where emergency calls get dispatched, got to know several EMTs and paramedics, rode aboard an ambulance and motorcycle accompanied by members of the organization, and even received a call on the radio!

“Ahead of the third surgery, we wanted to make him happy and make his dream [of becoming a MAGEN DAVID ADOM paramedic] come true. From the moment he entered the center, he kept asking questions and was very excited. And he managed to forget about the operation for a few moments,” said Adam’s mother.

Would you like to watch a three-minute video about Adam’s ride on MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s Wish Ambulance?

“I wanted to come to MAGEN DAVID ADOM to help save lives,” Adam said. “I was very excited before the visit and did not sleep all night. I was very happy to receive the shirt and the stethoscope and travel by ambulance.”

“We were very excited to host this lovely young man on a special day set up especially for him,” said Alon Rizkan, a senior paramedic who accompanied Adam that day. “The MAGEN DAVID ADOM family wishes him health and a speedy recovery — and we hope he’ll be joining our ranks as an EMT when he reaches adulthood.”

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