Using AI to Save Lives in Israel

Using AI to Save Lives in Israel


Israel’s national Red Cross organization, MAGEN DAVID ADOM, has created a revolutionary emergency dispatch system, one that instantly — and automatically — dispatches all the relevant resources to an emergency scene and can even predict when and where the next emergency will take place.

This is the most sophisticated computer system in the world using AI to send EMTs and paramedics from multiple locations in real time.

When a call concerning a medical emergency comes into the switchboards at MAGEN DAVID ADOM, the Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) Artificial Intelligence (AI) system simultaneously alerts and dispatches the nearest CPR certified civilian first responder and the nearest available ambulance crew.

Depending on the nature of the call, the AI system will also automatically dispatch the Israeli police and the fire department to the scene — without the need to initiate an additional call to either organization.

This cutting-edge system automatically routes EMTs, paramedics, and first responders to the scene of the emergency using real-time traffic data, which ensures the quickest possible response. And because every second matters, this can help MAGEN DAVID ADOM save more lives.

Even more amazing, this new CAD AI technology also uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to determine when and where the next incident will occur and can preemptively move paramedics and ambulances toward that area.

This sophisticated new CAD AI system was developed and implemented by MAGEN DAVID ADOM programmers and coders with the same goal in mind as all of its past — and future — cutting-edge advances in medical and communications technology … to save lives.