13-Year-Old-Boy Saved

13-Year-Old-Boy Saved


Naor Ben-Ezra was riding his bike in Jerusalem when he nearly joined the ranks of past victims killed in terrorist attacks.

Stabbed repeatedly, the 13-year-old was critically wounded, suffering a massive loss of blood. Without rapid medical intervention and surgery, Naor’s life would have ended.

But fortunately for Naor, MAGEN DAVID ADOM was called and paramedic David Dalfen was on the scene in less than two minutes.

When MAGEN DAVID ADOM paramedics like David arrive on the scene, they’re never sure exactly what they’ll find …

But without missing a beat, David used his years of training and experience to make split-second medical decisions, choices that played a crucial role in Naor surviving his horrific ordeal.

First, David worked to maintain Naor’s blood pressure, knowing it’s one of the most important factors for trauma survival. But when massive internal bleeding caused Naor’s blood pressure to drop, David made a critical decision to divert the ambulance to the closest hospital, deciding to forgo the trip to the renowned but more distant trauma center that seriously wounded patients are typically taken to in Jerusalem.

Time was crucial, as Naor’s internal bleeding had to be stanched and he needed a transfusion as soon as possible.

As Naor arrived at the hospital, he went into cardiac arrest, validating David’s decision. Naor was quickly resuscitated, rushed into surgery, and placed in a medically induced coma, to allow his body to recover.

When doctors felt Naor was strong enough, they “awakened” him and found he had no permanent damage from the ordeal and would make a full recovery.

In short, MAGEN DAVID ADOM succeeded.

The terrorists didn’t.

Naor marked his recovery months later by celebrating his bar mitzvah, attended by family, well-wishers, and, of course, David Dalfen, the lifesaving paramedic who helped make the celebration possible.

There is no feeling that’s better than saving someone’s life,” said David. “It’s fantastic coming to see Naor healthy. Celebrating his bar mitzvah like this is a great miracle for him.”