The Mount Meron Tragedy

The Mount Meron Tragedy

Our hearts mourn for the 45 adults and children who lost their lives on Mount Meron on April 30th.

But even in this dark time, there is light. More than 120 people were injured at the event, some critically. But …

  • Because of the support of those who have a heart for Israel, it was possible for more than 300 MAGEN DAVID ADOM vehicles to respond to the situation.
  • Because of your compassion, it was possible to meet each desperate need with the bandages and other medical supplies that paramedics and EMTs could not have done without.
  • Because of your generosity it was possible to process the many units of blood desperately needed by the victims.
  • Because of your help, it was possible to save lives.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you.

Here is a brief video that MAGEN DAVID ADOM produced, telling the story of that night.

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