Running Toward the Danger

Heroes run toward the fire, the smoke, and the danger. Not because they have no fear, but because their compassion for others is even greater than the fears they face.

Your gifts to MAGEN DAVID ADOM have supported dedicated first responders like Aaron Adler.

No one woke up that morning expecting three armed terrorists to brazenly enter the Temple Mount area and begin shooting at three Israeli policemen on duty.

Yair’s Story: God’s Compassion at Work in Israel

  • Yair's Story: God's Compassion at Work in Israel

In Israel, heroes are made both by their feats and by their hearts.

Every day some 15,000 volunteer first responders and 2,000 professional paramedics and EMTs watch over the lives of nearly 9 million people. Each of them knows that at any moment, day or night, they could be called to summon all of their courage and strength to drive into life threatening situations to help those in need. 

Israel Stands With Those In Need

When you support MAGEN DAVID ADOM, you are helping to save lives in Israel and in other nations when a disaster hits.On Sunday, June 3, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupted. More than 100 people were killed as hot ash shot four miles into the air and then engulfed the surrounding villages.

Celebrating 88 Years Of Saving Lives

Celebrating 88 Years Of Saving Lives As Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary, MAGEN DAVID ADOM is turning 88. We are so thankful for the courage of the men and women who have risked everything to save lives in Israel. We are also so thankful for all of those who have generously given and made this amazing and holy work possible for all of these years. Not only do they save lives, but we believe your gifts honor God. Thank you so much!