Some Call Her Superwoman

Some Call Her Superwoman

Some people call Asmahan Abu-Yeheya a superwoman; partially because she saves lives and partially because it seems impossible for her to have the time to do so.

She is a volunteer emergency medical technician for MAGEN DAVID ADOM and takes what she does very seriously.

“Every time I think about the person in the ambulance when he is in pain and scared, and sometimes I am the only person they have, my job is first and foremost to give him the best medical care, but I believe it is very important that I be both humane and caring.”

Asmahan also holds down two jobs. She works as a medical secretary at an orthopedic clinic and is a certified preschool teacher. And she is raising six children as a single mother.

Her youngest is 12. Asmahan and her family live in Israel’s Bedouin sector in Gan Yavne. Her kids are proud of their mother.

“If I’m in a bad mood, they tell me to go to a MAGEN DAVID ADOM shift because they know it will do me good. Doing and giving gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I feel at any given moment that I am part of the warm and supportive MAGEN DAVID ADOM family.”

Asmahan has volunteered for MAGEN DAVID ADOM for 18 years. And served during the COVID-19 crisis. Her duties have included testing people for the virus.

She is just one of MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s 31,600 volunteer paramedics, EMTs, and first responders. They have lives and families of their own, but they also have room in their hearts for others.

Your support provides the medical supplies, emergency equipment, and blood reserves that Asmahan and the other dedicated men and women of MAGEN DAVID ADOM need every day to continue saving lives.

Thank you for all that you do!

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