Naama’s Story

Naama’s Story

No one could believe it when the emergency call came in that a 6-year-old girl in Israel was having a stroke. And when Naama lost consciousness in the ambulance on the way to the hospital it looked like the worst was about to happen

The child had woken up from a nap yelling that her head hurt, she couldn’t stand, and was unable to equally use both sides of her body. But Naama’s mother had just finished a MAGEN DAVID ADOM course on how to diagnose stroke victims, and in disbelief, picked up the phone.

A paramedic who was a neighbor was there almost instantly and he carried the child to the main road to meet the ambulance as it arrived. Every second counted. At the hospital the dying child was rushed into emergency brain surgery.

A few minutes delay would have made the difference between a full recovery and tragic loss. But by the grace of God, Naama’s life was restored!

The ambulance, the medical supplies, the quick response emergency stroke protocol, and even the training that enabled a fearful mother to discern a life-threatening situation, were all paid for by American donors who have a heart for Israel.

Thank you for making it possible for MAGEN DAVID ADOM to save precious lives — like Naama’s!

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