You Helped Save A 4-Year-Old Boy

You Helped Save A 4-Year-Old Boy

This summer on a Saturday afternoon, Sarit Bar, a MAGEN DAVID ADOM EMT was relaxing at home in northern Israel. Her first responder app sounded, alerting her to a medical emergency nearby.

This cutting-edge app was developed in-house by MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s team of 45 programmers — in addition to alerting Sarit, the app geolocated the four other nearest first responders and also alerted them.

In this case, the emergency had occurred only four doors down from Sarit’s home — a 4-year-old had fallen into a pool and was not breathing when his mother pulled his body from the water.

Sarit called to her son — Amit, a MAGEN DAVID ADOM youth volunteer — to grab her first-responder’s kit and a defibrillator and follow her down to their neighbor’s house.

They arrived moments later and found the boy’s mother performing CPR on her child. She was being coached over her cell phone by a MAGEN DAVID ADOM dispatcher, who is also an EMT.

Sarit and Amit took over and used the defibrillator to restart his heart. The boy’s pulse returned and he was soon breathing on his own. The Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulance arrived within minutes and they raced to the hospital, where he soon regained consciousness.

The waters closed over my head, and I thought I was about to perish.
Lamentations 3:54

If not for this mother and son first responder team, a 4-year-old boy would be dead. In fact, for several moments he was. 

If not for the compassion and generosity of people like you who care about Israel, these first responders would not have the training, supplies, defibrillators, ambulances, or advanced communications equipment they need to save lives.

The town in Israel where this little boy’s life was saved is called Had Ness, which, translated, is “One Miracle.” On that Saturday afternoon, it was a miracle for the boy and his parents. It was a miracle made possible by people like Sarit and Amit — and by people like you.

The one who is wise saves lives.
Proverbs 11:30

Bless You!