This new MAGEN DAVID STATION had been the dream of many local residents, including Asif Isaac, Head of the Carmel Coast Regional Council:

Eight years ago, when I was a member of the local authority, my daughter had a car accident. We were waiting for an ambulance and then there was no MAGEN DAVID ADOM ambulance in the vicinity of our residence and it took a long time for it to arrive. At this moment I swore that there would not be one resident of the Carmel Coast Regional Council who would wait for an ambulance with his daughter … Today we are standing at the entrance of the station full of emotion and pride.”

Now the residents of Atlit and the surrounding area will receive faster, higher quality and more professional medical service in times of emergency. MAGEN DAVID ADOM’s response time will be improved, allowing for faster and more efficient medical treatment in times of emergency.

Just before the official inauguration of the station, a MAGEN DAVID ADOM team was launched to provide medical treatment for a 15-year-old boy who suffered from an allergic reaction in the town. Thanks to the ambulance that was launched from the new station, MAGEN DAVID ADOM teams were able to arrive at the scene within 3 minutes from the time the call was received.

“At this station,” Eli Bin, Director General of MAGEN DAVID ADOM said, “generations of volunteers, doctors, EMTs, and paramedics will grow and will continue to save lives for many years to come.”

The new building will be used by dozens of MAGEN DAVID ADOM employees and volunteers in Atlit in order to improve the medical response to the council’s residents and shorten the arrival time in medical emergencies. The station building includes a large area for organization, training, and other activities according to the needs of the teams.

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