Running Toward the Danger

Running Toward the Danger

Heroes run toward the fire, the smoke, and the danger. Not because they have no fear, but because their compassion for others is even greater than the fears they face.

Your gifts to MAGEN DAVID ADOM have supported dedicated first responders like Aaron Adler.

No one woke up that morning expecting three armed terrorists to brazenly enter the Temple Mount area and begin shooting at three Israeli policemen on duty.

Everyone was caught off guard when two of the officers were killed…

Other policemen and military personnel were searching for the terrorists when paramedics from MAGEN DAVID ADOM arrived on the scene.

Even though he knew at least one of the armed shooters was still active, paramedic Aaron Adler rushed over to begin treating one of fallen officers. Moments later, there was a hail of bullets as police subdued one of the terrorists, and Aaron was struck by a bullet that ricocheted.

His concern for those who were wounded compelled him to risk his own safety and suffer injury for the hope that he could save lives. Thank God he was not critically hurt.

Aaron is just one of 35,000 dedicated EMTs and paramedics of MAGEN DAVID ADOM that serve the people of Israel. Like Aaron, most of them are volunteers and share a driving passion to save others — even when it means putting their own lives in peril.

People like Aaron run toward danger while everyone else is running away. Your support has made it possible for these brave men and women to keep saving lives in Israel.