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There are 3 Ways to Get Involved


When you donate to support Magen David Adom, you help save lives in Israel every day. You ensure Israel’s first-responders have the supplies and equipment they need to save lives — whether they’re facing a high-casualty terrorist attack, a natural disaster, a serious traffic accident, a heart attack, or a woman going into labor. DONATE NOW TO WHERE IT’S NEEDED MOST!


If you cannot personally give blood in Israel, you can still help by virtually donating a unit of blood. A gift of $100 will provide enough blood to save up to three people. DONATE NOW


After blood, the greatest need in Israel is for ambulances. Israel has a fleet of more than 1,000 ambulances — including technologically advanced Mobile Intensive Care Units, some are heavily armored — but the average life of an ambulance is five to 10 years, and so every year more than 100 ambulances must be replaced. A Basic Life Support ambulance $100,000. And a Mobile Intensive Care Unit is $125,000.

The most common way to donate an ambulance is for individuals, ministries, and communities to pool their resources to make this gift. If one ambulance treats 365 men, women, and children each year (one per day) for 10 years, then the cost of providing emergency care to each life is $35. (Of course, in Israel, each ambulance will be used around the clock to bring critically needed care to more individuals per day.) DONATE NOW

Emergency Medical Supplies

Each ambulance needs to be restocked with fresh supplies on a daily basis. These items are representative of what your gift can provide. DONATE NOW

  • Childbirth delivery kit – $30
  • Dressings and immobilization kit –  $100
  • Flak jacket and safety helmet –  $300
  • Portable oxygen tank –  $400
  • Volunteer first-responder kit –  $540


The Bible tells us that life is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). Your support helps provide more than 400,000 units of blood required every year in Israel for emergency medical care. The need for fresh units of blood is staggering — between 1,200 to 1,400 units a day — and keeping this supply safe and readily available is crucial for Israel’s survival.


Whenever you’re in Israel, please consider including a stop to donate blood to the National Blood Services Center in your travel plans. (Blood for use in Israel ordinarily cannot be collected from outside Israel’s borders.)


You can help save even more lives by joining forces with American Friends of Magen David Adom as a volunteer — either as an individual or a group. Here are some ways you can help in the United States:

  • Host an event to raise awareness at your home, church, or community center
  • Represent American Friends of Magen David Adom at a local community event
  • Create a personalized online fundraising page in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion
  • Sponsor an ambulance as a church

CONTACT US to sign up as a volunteer, and we will help you get started.