Israel Prayer Points – June 2017

Israel Prayer Points – June 2017

The recent terror around the world is unfortunately, nothing new to the Israeli people. Every day they know that an attack can change their lives. Please join us in praying these specific prayers this month as we have the continued hope for peace and safety in Israel.

  1. Pray that the eyes of Israel’s enemies will be opened by the Holy Spirit so they will see the truth about Israel and the Jewish people.
  2. Pray that the world will come to understand the difference between the truth and many lies being told about Israel.
  3. Pray for the safety of the brave soldiers and border police who are committed to maintain peace in Israel.
  4. Pray that the brave men and women and youth volunteers of MAGEN DAVID ADOM will have sufficient medical supplies to properly meet the needs of those in need of medical attention.
  5. Pray for the safety of all MAGEN DAVID ADOM staff and volunteers who find themselves facing potential harm while doing their holy and worthy work of saving lives.
  6. Pray for the safety of all who would travel to Israel on a tour or by themselves.
  7. Pray for the speedy completion of the vital new Marcus National Blood Services Center to be built in Ramla, Israel.
  8. Pray that God will bring a speedy end to the terrorist attacks that cause Israelis to live on the edge each and every day and result in needless loss of life.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love them.

Psalm 122:6


There is great power in prayer. But there is even greater power when many agree together (Genesis 11:6). Thank you for your continued and persistent prayers for the workers and volunteers of Magen David Adom and the people they work to protect.