Doing More For Israel

NewLife FM Radio President Joe Emert and AFMDA Director of Interfaith Outreach Pastor Jerry Clark sat down to talk about the important work of the paramedics and EMTs of Magen David Adom…

Israel Prayer Points – March 2017

Israel is under constant pressure and endures unending threats. The need for prayer is great. This month I feel prompted to request your prayers in the following four areas…

Pray For The Safety Of Israel

Tragedy unfortunately strikes Israel on a regular basis. The attacks range from knife attacks to intentionally started fires. Most recently, an attack came in the form of a terrorist striking down Israeli Defense Force soldiers with a truck while they. . .

Avi the Ambulance Picture Book Has Arrived

Avi the Ambulance wants to help others, just like his big sister, Maya the MICU. To learn how, Avi goes to ambulance school! With his partner, Zack, by his side, Avi learns to zig and zag. He learns to zoom and stop.

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