Avi the Ambulance Picture Book Has Arrived

Avi the Ambulance Picture Book Has Arrived

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Avi the Ambulance wants to help others, just like his big sister, Maya the MICU. To learn how, Avi goes to ambulance school! With his partner, Zack, by his side, Avi learns to zig and zag. He learns to zoom and stop. And when their first call comes in … Avi and Zack are off to the rescue!

This children’s picture book, about an MDA ambulance in Jerusalem who goes to school to learn how to save lives and soon has his first important call, was published by the prestigious Jewish educational publishers Behrman House, located in New Jersey. It was written and illustrated by Claudia Carlson.

The book shares the MDA story with a new audience of young children and their parents, grandparents, and teachers, bringing the next generation into MDA’s work of saving lives and introducing them to the modern State of Israel.

[Caption for sample book illustration]:

Avi travels from the William H. Bloomberg Jerusalem MDA Emergency Medical Station to the Jewish Quarter for his first rescue of a little girl with a hurt leg.