2 Ministries Dedicate Ambulances To Save Lives In Israel!

2 Ministries Dedicate Ambulances To Save Lives In Israel!

Two Christian ministries have recently committed to saving lives in Israel by donating ambulances to the American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA): Barry Segal of Vision for Israel and Christine and Peter Darg of Exploits Ministry on behalf of Jerusalem Channel.tv.

“For years we’ve wanted to send an ambulance,” Segal stated at the dedication. “It’s no small feat (to raise funds) and God is doing tremendous things on these grounds. As we bless Israel through this divine act, we have already paid for this ambulance which will literally save lives in Israel – literally everyone, Jews, Arabs, everyone in need. Let the spirit of opposition over this land be broken once and for all.”

The ambulance from Vision for Israel was dedicated on Sept. 23 in Ft. Mill, S.C., at the Heritage Conference Center during a conference for MorningStar Ministries.

Exploits Ministry dedicated an ambulance in Jerusalem October 19, 2016 at The Tower of David, in the Old City of Jerusalem. Christine and Peter Darg, founders of Exploits Ministry expressed tremendous gratitude for the opportunity given to them to sponsor and dedicate the ambulance which will be stationed in Haifa. For Exploits Ministry the ambulance was the second life-saving vehicle sponsored by the ministry. Earlier an MDA Medi-Cycle was sponsored.

Of the more than 1,000 ambulances in use in Israel today, nearly 600 were donated from Americans, making your efforts vital in the mission of saving lives in Israel.